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This is special for WOMEN entrepreneurs…

Women Entrepreneurs invited for the MILLIONAIRE Master Coaches Program!

Do you wanna know how to break into the trillion-dollar hybrid coaching industry?


Make 10-12 lacs/ year at the comfort of your own home AND make a huge impact on the community?


… in 2024 (even if you're a complete beginner and don’t have a community to influence yet?)


We wanna show you all our secrets + 2 days of coaching with us…


… for free.

Here’s what we’re covering on 6th and 7th March from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm:


The We-locity Framework – It’s straightforward, effective, and perfect for beginners.


Your Roadmap to making a Million Rupees in a side hustle, with practical strategies that you can implement immediately.

No jargon, no fluff.


No need to create a product to sell. (Use An Existing Life Changing Product to Sell)


No need to build a separate brand at inception. (Use An Existing Million Dollar Branding)



Let’s build something great together!

What is WELOCITY Master Coaches Program ?

Know about us

Millionaire Master Coaches is a revolutionary coaching certificate program designed to empower women entrepreneurs to achieve exceptional results using the International WELOCITY Framework. This program goes beyond traditional coaching methods, offering a holistic approach to coaching success. Using the WELOCITY framework during the last 5 years, more than a 1000 aspiring women entrepreneurs have built progressive ventures. 


Get access to our Peak Performance Coaches in an Invite-only Event

Offerings to

WELOCITY Master Coaches

  1.   All Gen AI Marketing Content

  2.   All Coaching Content

  3.   Anchors Launchpad

  4.   Dreambuilder Academy Network

  5.   Impactful Mentor Pool

  6.   Dedicated Success Coach

  7.   Leadership Retreats and Awards

  8.   Roadmap to your Million Rupees Side Hustle 

  9.   And Massive Impact in your Industry and Community

Ability to dedicate 60 hours during the course of the program (3 months) 


Women coaches with a community of 100 women or more;


At least one core domain skillset in marketing & sales, technology development or finance;


Gradient Backdrop

Dr. Divya Rajput is the most wonderful business coach I have ever worked with. She is always there for her mentees and conducts great informative and interactive sessions for them . I personally have grown my business from initial stage under her expert guidance, encouragement and careful help. She takes personal interest in all of her mentees' business needs and guides them accordingly . In our Start Up ecosystem she is one of the most highly sought after expert buisness mentors who helps scale up the business with her insight and suggestions .

Business Owner

I have had the privilege of witnessing Dr Divya Rajput's incredible journeys a Women entrepreneur and I'm truly impressed by her vision , she is not just a CEO of JSS Step; Shes's a trailblazer who fearlessly navigates the challenges of entrepreneurship.
She actively Mentored, Trained as Lead Facilitator at AWE (Academy foe Women Entrepreneurs), Sharing her knowledge and experience to help them overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.
Her passion, resilience and dedication are truly commendable and I am proud to have had the opportunity to work with her.

Aastha Singh

CEO, Gramshree Agri

I had the opportunity to learn from Dr Divya as a selected women entrepreneur from North East India through an AWE programme (Association of Women in Business) during COVID-19 pandemic.I now feel extremely honoured and privileged to have been mentored by such a refined, knowledgeable and experienced person.Her mentoring and teaching ways are simple and made me feel confident about myself with my work.
It was my first official learning experience at AWE and thank God I met the bestest mentor.

Tage Rita



Last date to apply: 5th March 2024

Essential Skillsets

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