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What is DREAMBUILDER Academy by WIB?


Think of DREAMBUILDER Academy as a place where you get to learn from the Dreambuilder program by Arizona State University, bring your ideas to life with other women in the community, and empower each other to bring sustainability and balance to the startup ecosystem. This academy goes beyond traditional methods; it’s self-paced, where you get to choose among the problem statements, learn from the Dreambuilder program, write your business plan in worksheets and take Quiz to get an Intl Certification.


This is a surprise! We’ll invite the best entrepreneurial ideas for a SUMMER SCHOOL, you heard it right.. A cool place where we meet other women entrepreneurs and expert mentors, to build our ideas with these SUPERWOMEN


Dreambuilder program is followed by Business Idea Pitching for selection of top 20 business ideas.

  • Recognizing a woman who has made groundbreaking contributions to technology innovation.

  • Awarding a woman who has demonstrated exceptional leadership in the digital space.

  • Celebrating a woman-led initiative that has created a positive social impact through technology.

  • Recognizing an outstanding woman in STEM education, inspiring the next generation of tech leaders.

  • Awarding a woman who has leveraged technology to promote environmental sustainability

  • Honoring a woman entrepreneur who has founded and led a successful tech startup.

  • Recognizing excellence in the field of cybersecurity by a woman who has significantly contributed to digital security.

  • Celebrating a woman who has demonstrated exceptional skill and innovation in AI or machine learning.

  • Awarding a woman who has championed the use of technology to promote diversity and inclusion.

  • Recognizing a woman who has made significant contributions to the intersection of technology and healthcare.

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