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A leading South Asian Think Tank

Breaking the glass ceiling by developing technology, financial inclusion and digital transition of ethical supply chain led by women owned businesses.

Together WE achieve more

The Association of Women in Business is a leading Think Tank and a trusted network for women entrepreneurs.  Since inception in 2018, we have built capacity of more than 1500 aspiring women entrepreneurs, mentored more than 600 women entrepreneurs and coached more than 150 women entrepreneurs to achieve scale. Our members have impacted  more than 100K lives. As a member led organisation, we have established state councils in 25 states of India, majorly in North East India, Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal. Our Women members have raised more than 1M USD in funding during last 12 months including on Shark Tank India. 

Our Impact

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WIB Academy

AWIB recognizes the value of organic growth and equips women with tools and strategies for building loyal communities.

Master Coaches

To scale up women entrepreneurs with technology and scalable business model


Provides access to network of legal (IP & Corporate), Marketing, PR & Branding and Event Management teams


Virtual CTO

 Virtual CMO

Virtual CFO

About Us

The Association of Women in Business (WIB) is a membership-based organization registered under section 8 of the Companies Act 2013 in India.

AWIB is a global network unleashing the women's potential by inspiring, educating, empowering, and endorsing emerging women leaders and innovators across all fields for nurturing and sustaining positive change. The Association of Women in Business is a leading Think and Practice Tank, a trusted network for women entrepreneurs who would like to overcome the many barriers to women entrepreneurship.

​Association of Women in Business pays gratitude to the women who are supporting other women to advance their business skills and to men who adapted to make space for Women in Business. We are grateful to everyone who trust women for their creativity, logical ability and emotional intelligence in leading successful businesses.

Kakul Eco is a women-led, women-owned eco-friendly products marketplace which sources eco-friendly and organic products from women entrepreneurs, women farmer cooperatives across India.


Our Approach

The Association of Women in Business is a leading Think and Practice Tank, which practices whatever it preaches, working on developing own IP driven business models and creating a trusted network for the growth of women in business.

We understand that women entrepreneurs mostly grow organically; however, we want to be available for those who wish to take a plunge to scale. We invest all our time, efforts & energy in growing our women members’ businesses and further, assisting them to overcome the umpteen barriers to women entrepreneurship. 

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If you are a woman and an entrepreneur, you are no less than goddess Durga - working your way with balancing emotional intelligence, rightly balancing work with family, blessed with multitasking abilities and most importantly the right blend of compassion, strength, and quick decision-making..and for all the balancing there is this powerful. My sincere gratitude to the network for having me as a part of it, and greatly looking forward to many enriching associations going forward.

Women in Business has been a transformative organization for women entrepreneurs, providing valuable support and opportunities. As a proud member, I had the privilege of being mentored by the remarkable Mrs. Divya Rajput, whose guidance was truly exceptional. Mrs. Rajput's wealth of experience and insightful mentorship played a pivotal role not only in my entrepreneurial journey but numerous other women. Her dedication to fostering growth and empowerment within the community is evident.

Mary stella

I started my journey as an edu entrepreneur to provide education to less privileged children using the trial and error method. Being part of this incredible women's entrepreneurship network has been transformative for me. The collaborative spirit among members has fueled my learning journey, allowing me to absorb diverse perspectives and strategies. Along with our mentors, we've harnessed our collective creativity and this understanding has pushed me to craft high-value that resonate with my mission.

Jasmine Hussain

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