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AWiB Market Launchpad

Every Woman’s Virtual Marketing Communications & Sales Team


  • Silver Wallet – INR 50k per month

  • Gold Wallet – INR 80k per month

  • Platinum Wallet – INR 120k per month

Minimum Commitment – 1 year

Launch pad rate card.PNG

Terms of Reference:

  1. WiB members must ensure that women founder(s) hold atleast 50% stake in the company.

  2. Membership commitment is requested for atleast a year for results to show up.

  3. Individual services are available as per card rate, so members can request for any additional service.

  4. WiB is a community strengthening initiative, we understand our women members need to be recognized in the social sphere where they will operate.

  5. WiB will acquire 10% shares in women companies if it will infuse pre-seed capital of upto 10 Lacs in women ventures after the minimum membership of 6 months is completed and the venture is recommended by the investment committee. WiB will exit after buy-back or M&A or during future rounds of funding on that day’s valuation.

  6. In case a member company will wrap up operations, it will be required to release the pre-seed fund so that the same is ploughed into another woman business initiative.

Women in Business


Phone: +91 9911377767

Registered Charity: 12345-67

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