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Be the Mentor 

Empower others to dare to dream, see the possible future and believe it can be accomplished...

Why Should You Mentor?

  • Multiply the power of your experience: By mentoring a startup team and sharing your knowledge during that small mentorship session could lead aspiring entrepreneurs to the path where they achieve something amazing and change the world. 

  • Finger on the pulse: Mentoring startups, especially young startups is also a way some people can keep abreast of the latest trends. You get first-hand opportunity to view some out of the box ideas churned out by young minds

  • Investments: Being known as a mentor and being sought after also gives you access to new promising startups that can be invested in closer to the ground floor.

  • Networking: Being involved in helping startups is also an interesting and altruistic way of networking with investors/other mentors/board members.

  • Cause: The startup, especially its mission may really resonate with your personal values and your belief in what they want to achieve; thus, you want to help them to get there.

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